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3 130,68 zł


Przeznaczenie deski: freeride, freestyle

Wymiary (cm): 134x41 | 138x43 | 142x45

Zestaw: Deska kiteboardowa + Zestaw Finów G10 55mm (4 szt.)

Flex (1-10): M/M/M

Linia Rockera: Hydrodynamic

Konstrukcja dna deski: Hybrid Concave (Elliptical Concave + Double Concave Tip Channels)


Hydrodynamic Rocker Line oraz Dynamic Asymetrical Shape daje riderowi pełną kontrolę w każdych warunkach: Dłuższa krawędź backside to lepszy upwind, krótsza krawędź przednia daje zwrotność, co przydaje się do tricków freestylowych. Większy  rocker  umożliwia   łatwiejsze  zacinanie  oraz  lepszy  performacne  na wzburzonej  wodzie. Odpowiednio zaprojektowany X-reactive flex system w kombinacji z rockerem sprawia, że model NHP daje najwyższy komfort pływania oraz wybacza błędy.  


APS – Added Pre-Stress Technology
Prestressing means the intentional creation of initial tension in a structure for the purpose of improving its strength properties.In kiteboarding, pre-stress allows the board to be loaded with energy during production. Storing the energy inside the board makes it a bit more stiff and much more torsion resistant, which results in astonishing POP. Pre-Stress technology also allows us to build thinner and lighter boards, yet still more durable.

EPC - Elliptical Progressive Concave
Combines the advantages of both a flat-bottomed board and concave. The tail area is completely flat, whilst the centre section of the board features concave. This shape benefits from earlier planning.

CAV - Complete Anti-Vibration Technology
By using advanced core materials, laminates and variable flex zones, we managed to eliminate almost all vibrations that occur during the ride.CAV not only makes the ride smoother and faster, but also provides exceptional grip in all conditions.

Hydrodynamic Rockerline
Developed after careful analysis of water movement under the kiteboard.Hydrodynamic Profile is designed to reduce water drag, optimizing the board shape directly to the water flow. The advantages over traditional rocker with a flat center are increased board speed and improved acceleration.

DAS - Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape
Designed around the Human Concept, to enhance your performance and work in harmony with your body. We have tailored the outline of the heel side rail to provide more grip, better upwind performance and maximum POP. On the weaker toe side, the curve radius is increased to improve the carving potential and comfort. At the same time DAS decreases the foot pressure necessary to hold an edge.

X-Reactive Flex System
X layout of Carbon and Kevlar is a perfect combination. While Carbon supports rebound forces and edge grip, Kevlar reduces vibrations to minimum. Together this results in excellent pop, quick response and optimal torsion.

There is no better material for a board core than wood. With its harmonious characteristic, combining strength, flex, light weight and vibration damping, wood is still the uncrowned king of core materials.

This layout of fibers transfers power directly to the edges and creates perfect flex. As a result the board features aggressive filling, quick response and harmonious flexibility.

ABS Sandwich Construction
This industry standard construction provides direct power transfer to the edges and vibration damping, resulting in easy to handle and precise boards.

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